5 ways to Style & Elevate your Home's Entryway

An entryway can be one of the smallest or narrowest parts of the home and is oftentimes the room that can go amiss in terms of styling, especially when you are mostly focused on styling the main rooms of your home like the kitchen or living space. The key to designing any space is looking its underlying function.

For the main entrance, it should be for the most part, organised and not too busy. Think about the overall flow of the space. One of it’s main functions is for people to pass through to the main part of the house so easy access is essential.  The second aspect to an entryway, which is still relative to function but in my opinion the best part of this space, is that it is the very first impression of your home, it sets the tone for rest of the house. I have created a list of a few elements that you can add to elevate any entryway. Depending on the overall look and feel of your home, you can curate these elements in your own way to reflect your personal style.


check floor hallway with tall plant, arched windows and rustic elements
Designed by Nate Berkus & Jeremiah Brent


  1. Embrace the natural light

As humans we crave light. Not only does it make the space feel brighter and bigger when filled with light – but we operate best when exposed to daylight. This is why I love using mirrors to reflect natural light. Oftentimes, entryways tend to be on the more narrow side, so a mirror is a great way to make the room feel larger. Not to mention, it is exceptionally handy when you need one last look at yourself before running out the door. If you have a smaller area, a circular mirror always looks lovely and neat, and if you can add some height, the long wide mirror makes for a great feature too.

warm organic rustic hallway with reclaimed wood, mirror & plant 
Designed by @jakearnold 


  1. Add ambience through lighting

Create a cosy atmosphere to your home on immediate entry through a table lamp that makes a statement. This will no doubt set the mood for the rest of the home, particularly in the evening. Add a sense of playfulness to, by opting for a fun shaped lamp like a ‘Mid-Century Syle Mushroom Lamp’. If you have a mirror here too, it will reflect the light nicely.

 nordic elements black como lamp from space copenhagen


  1. Organise with some storage

As it is important to maintain a sense of space and flow to this area, try to keep the level of storage here to a minimum where possible. If your storage however is limited, then look at what you need to keep in this area. For textiles, like scarves, gloves or woolly hats, anything soft really, can be folded nicely into a set of baskets. A pair of two baskets can always look great underneath a side table. For miscellaneous objects like keys, you can place in a bowl or tray. Anything you need to grab and go when you are out the door can be placed here. Try look for as much concealed storage, like a side table with drawers, bench with storage underneath, or a neat shoe wrack.

 scandi home hallway with exposed brick and white cabinetry storage
Home of Locke & Cici (@lockecici)


  1. Add texture

Rugs are a great way of creating a ‘section’ in a space, it can visually tie all elements together as one in its own right. If you have stone or wood flooring, it can add warmth to the space. If you intend on keeping it neutral in tone, one that has a pattern or texture is a good option, and can also help conceal any marks that can naturally occur from being outside.

 textured patterned rug for entryway by monica fried design
allway rug by Monica Fried Design ( @monicafrieddesign)


  1. Play with your senses

If you have done all the above, then you have no doubt adhered to ways of styling that satisfy the touch and feel of the space. This is not a must, but in my opinion can be the most delightful part of this space, adding a sense of aroma. Depending on the seasons, you can select the best seasonal flora and add it here. I love using eucalyptus here as its so fresh in scent. You can also had a candle too. Now that we are entering the winter season, a great option for a candle for this area would be one that opts for a more seasonal scent like Clean Slate’s Sweet Tobacco & Black Pepper Candle or Sómas’s candle scent, Bay Leaf & Bergamot.

 irish somas soy wax candle in black fig scent
Soy wax candle by Irish candle company, Sómas (@somas.studio)



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