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Earlier this year, in the month of March, I stayed in the boutique hotel, NUAGE Paris 8. Located near the Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré and just a stone throw away from Ave des Champs-Elysées, this hotel is nestled in a narrow street amongst the buzz of the city. Aside from the amazing history & great design of the so loved city of Paris, it was very special to be able to end the day in a space that also opted for great design. Have a little read below to discover what I loved most about this hotel & a Q&A with NUAGE themselves.

As I walked past the tall green indoor flora on entry, I was welcomed to a newly renovated interior. The atmosphere was set by the cosy ambient lighting that was dotted around the lobby from vintage lampshades, mushroom shaped table lamps, brass spotlight ceiling and wall pendants. Slowly but surely my eyes hovered over the rounded cream boucle armchairs, olive green velvet armchairs, brass & marble rounded tables & lots of beautiful wooden cladding on the walls & wet bar. Along the shelves, you’ll spot lots of beautiful little objects, from curvy vases & abstract trinkets.

Our room was small yet perfect, opting for a muted & feminine palette. The room had a set of French doors that opened up to the centre forum of the hotel. Brass ceiling pendants hung from our ceiling above white terrazzo free standing bedside tables with flecks of terracotta & navy hues. The bathroom, had a beautiful mauve bathroom tile with brass & black metal detailing.

NUAGE, Paris had undergone an extensive makeover in 2021 & also a rebrand, Nuage actually means cloud in French – how lovely! Historically the hotel was built in the 19th century, and it was opened by a man named George Breuil & his future wife Madeleine. The business-savvy couple took over the Élysées Mermoz located in Paris 200 meters from the Champs-Elysées, then passed on the business to their son Gérard then to their grandson Olivier. After a 2 year renovation, NUAGE is now operating with a fresh take while also carrying on its legacy.

I did a recent Q&A with a representative from NUAGE, Paris who gave me a few interesting insights into the history & detailed design of this hotel.

Can you tell me a little bit about NUAGE?

Built in the middle of the 19th century, third generation owner Olivier Breuil, an engineer-turned-painter, took over the hotel in the early 2000s. After a two-year renovation, NUAGE (re)opened in November 2021. A tribute to the art of slow living, NUAGE (which translates to CLOUD in French) is an antidote to the stress and hyperactivity of its surroundings, a complete break from the consumerist turmoil of the Champs-Elysées district, just a stone’s throw away. 

Who helped design NUAGE's fresh look? 

Architect Jordane Arrivetz and her agency Notoire helped bring NUAGE to life. She kept the original architecture of the hotel and designed an urban building focused on interior décor and inner peace without any superficiality.

What was the inspiration behind the design of the hotel?

The hotel’s design is meant to invite guests in for a welcome pause in a district bustling with stores, restaurants and the crowds of the Champs-Elysées. The subtlety of the materials, from cotton to wool, the choice of colours and the geometry of the space impose a relaxing general approach that invites permanent reverie.

You had a lot of beautiful earthy tones, lots of contemporary pieces of furniture & lots of little objects in the interior lobby. What is the story behind this entrance's interior design?

The entrance and lobby invite guests into an instant change of scenery, where the travertine stone floor connects to the earth, where the curves of the custom-designed furniture invite softness and voluptuousness and where the fireplace soothes from the start. The ensemble is adorned with a collection of paintings by Breuil, a selection of handmade objects, photographs and artworks curated by Julie Barrau that add depth and soul to the place. In the library room nook, the selection of books has been designed to give the mind a rest; they celebrate slowness, mindfulness, inner journeys, plus tales for adults and children. As a nod to the cloud-inspired NUAGE hotel, you can also discover the fabulous story of the clouds made by the Dutch artist Berndnaut Smilde.

What are some of the hotel's best features to note?

Two of the hotel’s highlights are commissioned light fixtures. In all of the guest rooms except the suites, there is a sconce shaped like a Gingko Biloba leaf, which was owner Breuil’s father’s favourite tree, who passed 5 years ago; the piece was designed by his 9 year-old son Léo and made by the Art & Floritude Workshop as a way to keep his spirit alive within the hotel. In the breakfast room, there is a large installation, also made by Art & Floritude, based on Breuil's own drawing of the sun rising over the sea and inspired by Norwegian artist Edward Munch’s “Solen” painting.
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