Embracing a Natural State: The Continuation of the Organic Homewares Trend

Similar to that of a fashion trend, It’s very easy to spot an interior that has opted for a trendy neutral interior. A quick scroll on Instagram, Pinterest, or TikTok – you can quickly note an interior that opts for an almost all white/cream neutral look. A common pairing in this type of setting, I’ve seen is the use of ‘organic homewares’. When talking about interiors, there are a number of words that relate to organic – natural textures, earthy hues, flow like form, imperfect or even sculptural shape. Homewares, like ceramics, cushions, candles and lamps that all fall under this aesthetic, have even been taken on by some of the home interior giants, such as ZARA Home, Kave Home, Crate & Barrel to appease customers who are leaning towards this look.


Kave home white small and tall paper mache rustic ceramic vases
Candida cotton maché vase in beige, by Kavehome.com


With this rustic approach to interior design, the irony behind some of these pieces is that they appear as if they are in their natural form, as if they were hand-picked from their original environment and placed in a curated area like a shelf with a number of other intentionally hand-selected objects.


cream ceramic dinnerware by H&M laid out on a table
Large stoneware serving dish by H&M HOME


It’s no surprise that a catalyst for these trends come from those with a large following online. This design is reminiscent to homes of many A-listers in the US – a popular example is the home of Kim Kardashian and was formerly owned by Kanye West, who took inspiration from Wabi Sabi as an integral part of the design of the home. Wabi Sabi, which originates from Japan, is a philosophy, concept or even feeling that celebrates the beauty of imperfection & something that becomes more beautiful as it ages. Anne Walther plucked a perfect quote from her article on this topic in Japanobjects.com, which was “In Wabi Sabi: The Japanese Art of Impermanence, Andrew Juniper defines wabi sabi as "an intuitive appreciation of ephemeral beauty in the physical world that reflects the irreversible flow of life in the spiritual world.” While this home certainly has pieces on display that hold an heir of importance and a hefty price-tag, this aesthetic is one that is widely adopted by home brands in the market that have made this look more affordable.


Kim kardashian and kanye west wabi sabi style white home 
Living room of Kim Kardashian's Home, Photography by  featured on Architectural Digest.


With this growing appetite to have these types of organic homewares in our home, we are also seeing a wave of DIY’s that showcase people achieving this look for less. By sourcing unwanted glass vases and giving them a whole new textured and neutral appearance by playing with different materials, such as paint & household items like baking soda, one can achieve an almost similar vase, to one that may be found on the shelves of H&M Home. I came across a content creator Nell, @creative.by.diy who specialised in creating homewares for less.

paper mache white vase   diy paper mache white vase   diy paper mache vase
Video by Creative DIY Design by Nell, @creative.by.diy 

While this design is not for all – it is most certainly happening right now across so many interiors. For me, I will always have a great appreciation of taking inspiration from our outside surroundings & bring these natural elements into our home. By doing so, if done really well – there will always be a sense of calmness or a non-artificial feeling to a space. But with that, too much of anything is never good and so if you also appreciate a more neutral white/cream home, it’s important to ensure there is always a sense of balance.


white home with darker and warmer elements
 Image from Elemental Design


Add contrast to your home with darker rooms, or darker elements – even in smaller details like a moss green cushion or a black metal candle holder. If you want to keep the palette minimal, play with natural textures like textured rugs/cushions, linen fabrics, weaved rugs or bespoke wood panelling. Enjoy the use of pattern in your home through the marbling of a natural stone or a chevron flooring. A firm favourite that no doubt can add variation in your home is by playing with flora & reflecting the seasons outside, inside through seasonal greenery. There are so many ways to follow this trend, but to style it in a way that steers from being too trendy & that has longevity in the overall design.


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