Sostrene Grene: October Wishlist

Danish brand, Sostrene Grene embraces the idea of discovery & the delight of finding new things. Each time I walk through the curated passageways lined with perfectly placed merchandising, there is always something i stumble across that i instantly love. A common question that comes to mind is - do i need this? Oftentimes it's a yes. From small furniture items, ceramics, candleholders, outdoor lanterns - there is an endless selection for every room in the home.

Discover some of these latest finds here that I think are timeless & will add a sense of luxury to your home - on a budget.

1. Paper / Metal Lampshade

Mostly taking inspiration from the works of Isamu Noguchi, this lampshade is a lovely variation from the commonly used metal & glass lighting pendants. The natural looking paper material gives off a soft glow & also adds a sense of calm and nature to the space.

2. Bamboo Bench

Made from a material that is often associated with more tropical climates, this nature embracing Bamboo Bench is a lovely way to bring the outside into your space. Pieces like these add a sense of warmth, & would love amazing juxtaposing against a more contemporary interior.

3. Beige Rug

beige textured rug
I like this beige rug because it is not completely refined, with frayed tassels on both ends & a body of texture, it’s a nice way of adding more texture to a hallway or narrow area without compromising with colour.


4. Cream Marble Side Table

cream marble table
I see these style of tables quite a bit in black metal with black marble, so I love the newness of an all cream marble side table. It’s a great piece for adding functionality to a more neutral bright space. The four interconnected legged base will add a sense of flow due to the thinness of the legs. Another plus is that it also looks quite expensive too.

5. Speckled Vasespeckled ceramic vase

I am a stickler for a good vase. Not only can you add a pop of texture or colour, or add dimension to a space with different shapes & heights, it also has a function of showcasing your finest flora from this season. I love this speckled vase, which are availably in earthy hues of brown and green.

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